Nick Parker – Compère

Having been heavily institutionalised in early life (a graduate with a Masters of Engineering degree from Imperial college – a world Top 10 University; a ‘graduate’ of the Mars school of sales and marketing) Nick has found love in ‘the seat of the pants’ stuff of the sub £20m turnover business.

Going by the interpretation of the British/Canadian marketing guru Malcom Gladwell, Nick’s accumulated practice of more than 50,000 hours as a board director or Managing Director of Small Medium Enterprises would suggest that he has achieved mastery. Nick would be more circumspect than this!

Nick was Commercial Director at Bighams Limited when they became a Virgin Sunday Times FastTrack 100 company.  Nick has recently sold his corporate restaurant business, which he built from zero money, zero clients and zero prior experience.

Currently Nick:

  • acts as a fractional Marketing Director for ambitious sub £20m turnover business to business companies who need to deliver marketing leadership but can’t justify a full-time director.
  • gives his time free to advising those courageous people of Oxfordshire who are leading start-up and early stage businesses.