David Speed

David Speed is director of Graffiti Life, a bespoke graffiti company that offers live art entertainment and graffiti team-building as well as wall murals.

The company was formed as a response to what they felt was a gap in the market. They set about creating a platform to showcase the many possible ways in which graffiti art can deliver a message and engage people. As the momentum of their company increased they discovered new ways of turning their skills into services, and more and more brands became interested in working with them. Whether it is helping your team to become ‘Banksy’ for the day in one of their graffiti workshops, or transforming one of your walls with a mural reflecting your company ethos, Graffiti Life feels that they have something for everyone. It’s not often that they meet business owners that wouldn’t benefit from at least one of their services, such is the versatility of their portfolio.