Mark Denton

Mark says: “MD2MD expands my thinking with great speakers and quality peer discussions. It’s difficult to think of a better way of investing a day in developing my thinking”

It is difficult to think of a better way for a business leader to invest a day
Mark Denton commenced Zenopa, a specialist recruitment organisation, in 1991. Most people have an opinion of recruitment organisations and their function. Zenopa’s vision is “Making it easier for people to be resourced or find resource, generating smiles for individuals and enabling greater economic wealth for society.” If you would like to find out more about Zenopa, please visit their website.

Mark was brought up in the 70’s, where friends of car factory workers had new bicycles, but he and his siblings had second hand. He was fortunate to attend schools with the brightest pupils and learned that these pupils were not extra ordinary. From home, he received value sound bites of “you can do anything”, “anything you want you attain yourself” and “you don’t lie”.

Mark gained his first school-boy employment in a garden centre at 14p an hour (this bought a Mars bar) where, if you were caught sitting down, you were docked ¼ of an hour pay, and gained his last school-boy job at the public sector Water Board at £78 pounds a week, where nobody seemed to work and the summer funds bought him a 250 cc motorbike to go to polytechnic on. Those school-boy days were also strewn with money-making schemes; he’d learned early if you don’t ask you don’t hear “no” and your project goes ahead e.g. buying an incubator, Mark hatched eggs in his bedroom and sold newly hatched ducklings to the pet store!  He confesses he has always been a minimalist to knowledge-based learning, however with an impending marriage he applied himself in the final year of polytechnic and then had the choice of a PhD or going commercial.

Most of running a small business successfully has come out of Mark’s childhood. Growing a business successfully has taken much more, being able to understand from where his values and opinions were derived, and then being willing to move these. Understanding that a successful start-up is being a jack of all trades, however the growth business needs to engage masters of narrow skills sets, who want to be part of the business team and are committed to furthering the business

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