Chris Lima

Colourful Coffins, the company and the concept of being able to design a bespoke and personalised coffin, was founded in 2004 after the owner and founder (Mary Tomes) decided that she didn’t want to be buried in a “normal coffin”. Together with her husband Kevin they used their creative flair and experience gained from owning Parchments the printers and developed the Colourful Coffin.

Since then the business has experienced growth year on year as the status quo in the funeral industry is challenged and the public demand for bespoke, personalised funerals grows.

The wonderful by-product of the Colourful Coffin concept is the positive part it plays in the grieving process of bereaved families. The opportunity to design and create something that honours their loved one or that they know that the loved one would have been proud of can soften the pain in a small way.

It was the positive difference that Colourful Coffins was making to bereaved families and the strong family values which primarily attracted Chris to the role.

Chris joined Colourful Coffins in November 2014 as the Managing Director. Previous to this role he had been the Managing Director for Simon Hegele Logistics and Service Ltd, Operations Manager for a major project to install digital radio systems into British Army vehicles, a Warehouse Manager for a German Cooperative and served for 12 years in the British Army in the area of Logistics.

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