John Cardy

John Cardy is Managing Director of a small highly successful and market leading Oxfordshire business.

John’s family business, Garden Games Ltd, designs, develops, manufactures, distributes and sells outdoor toys including trampolines, table tennis tables, climbing frames, pool tables, and a complete range of Outdoor Toys.

From its early roots as a spare time business, Garden Games Ltd has become a significant player in creating and developing the market for toys that get children (and adults) away from the TV or Internet screen and playing actively and safely in the garden.

Garden Games is a highly seasonal business which makes the business challenging with a massive impact on cash flow, staff recruitment and stock control. It seems impossible to get a season absolutely right, especially when the weather has such a significant impact. Just to compound the challenge, much of the stock is manufactured to specification in China, so exchange rates and world economic issues have an impact on the business and also raise issues of corporate responsibility.

Despite this, John says selling trampolines and outdoor toys is fun. People buy the products with a smile on their face and a positive mindset, and that, together with facing down the challenges, makes Garden Game a fun place.