About You

What sort of person qualifies to join MD2MD?

I’ve never been trained to do my current job of running a business …  my machine operators have more training to do their jobs than I have to do the job of Managing Director I’ve had loads of business training, but now I’m Managing Director I realise that most of my decisions aren’t based on logical analysis but on experience, instinct and judgement
So much to do, so little time We seem to have plateaued
Why don’t they care like I do? Why can’t they all pull in the same direction?
I feel we’re on borrowed time! I never set out to run a business
We’re doing well, but I’m not sure where we’re going I’m tired of this – But how do I get out?
We’ve had a lucky break – now how can we make this sustainable? I’ve got 40 people whose livelihoods depend upon me – Help!

MD2MD is a membership organisation for real practical leaders (mainly Managing Directors) with an ambition to achieve greater success for their organisation.  Membership is by mutual agreement – it must be appropriate both for you and for existing members.

You are likely to qualify as a member if:


  • Are ambitious for greater success in business
  • Realise you need to lead your team to achieve that success  – you can’t do it by yourself
  • Have the humility to recognise that everyone, no matter how experienced, can become an even better leader
  • Have the thoughtfulness to learn from the innocent questions of those without the colouring of years as well as from experienced old hands
  • Are managing a profit and loss account and making decisions on priorities and people
    (whether you have the title Chairman, Chief Executive, Managing Director, Senior Partner or anything else)
  • Are based within an hour or so of one of our groups
    (although we did have one person who lived 3 hours away join us because he combined our meetings with client visits)

Your organisation

  • Is sufficiently established as to require you to lead more than do – which probably means that more than ten people are actively involved in the business and you probably have revenues of £500k to £50M
  • is growing, or has been and you want it to resume
  • is from private, public* or third* sector (charities)

If that describes you, why not find out more about how MD2MD develops leaders by attending a meeting as our guest without cost or commitment.

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* We match fund one place in each group for a person from the third sector and one place in each group for a person from the public sector providing their salary is less than £70,000 per annum.