Peer group learning for leaders is not new


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In the c18th a group of great scientists and industrialists met regularly in Birmingham.

This group, known as The Lunar Society, is generally recognised as the first group of leaders learning with and from leaders.

MD2MD Managing Director Peer Groups : The story


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Bob Bradley shares his passion for Managing Director Peer Groups

Bob Bradley, the founder of MD2MD, is passionate about Managing Director Peer Groups.

Read his story and his enthusiasm for their contribution to society here.

World class speakers and workshop leaders


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Experts you’d normally only see on stage at a distance

Members also learn in workshops led by expert practitioner speakers of the standard normally only seen on stage at a distance

Member groups growing across the UK


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North-West, Thames Valley, Home Counties & South Midlands

We have four existing groups and others in development.

So there is a good chance we have a group operating near you.

About MD2MD

The secret of MD2MD is simple: Learn with and from others like you.

MD2MD is an alternative to the traditional business schools for real leaders responsible for an Enterprise (Social, Private or Public) of 10-200 staff or more.

Such leaders typically value most developing their thinking, their skills and their ideas with other leaders with real university of life experience.

And they cannot afford long periods out of the office so we meet as a group for one day each month. This is also more effective than traditional courses in applying Kaizen (continuous improvement) to learning. Improving your business one step at a time, month after month ultimately delivers radical performance improvement.

Interested? Read about MD2MD and then why not join a meeting and experience the process for yourself – as our guest.

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