LeaderFest 2019 Front Page

Since its launch in 2010, LeaderFest has grown to become one of ​the​ premier annual events for ambitious business leaders, offering a unique opportunity for business leaders to learn with, and from, their fellow business leaders.

This is a great opportunity for Managing Directors and other business leaders from across the UK and especially from London, the Thames Valley, Home Counties and South Midlands to develop their leadership skills whilst Developing their thinking on leadership through sharing experience, thoughts, tips and tools with fellow leaders.

LeaderFest is, like MD2MD, about leaders learning from and sharing experiences with fellow leaders and​​ as such​ is strictly targeted at people leading businesses or business like organisations with tens or hundreds of staff and their immediate team.

LeaderFest is focused on Leadership Development not Business Development. Whilst revenues are critical to all businesses and therefore to all business leaders, our members typically employ others to generate leads so this is not an event for business development. The culture of LeaderFest is one of mutual respect and trust which discourages the inappropriate sales approaches that detract from many networking events.

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