LeaderFest returns on Wed 13th October 2021

MD2MD is delighted to announce the return of it’s face to face members conference LeaderFest. Since its launch in 2010, LeaderFest has grown to become one of ​the​ premier annual events for ambitious business leaders, offering a unique opportunity for business leaders to learn with, and from, their fellow business leaders.

This is a great opportunity for Managing Directors and other business leaders from across the world to gain new insights into business and leadership through sharing experience, thoughts, tips and tools with fellow leaders from the UK and now around the world.

LeaderFest is, like MD2MD, about leaders learning from and sharing experiences with fellow leaders and​​ as such​ is strictly targeted at people leading businesses or business like organisations with tens or hundreds of staff and their immediate team.

Whilst LeaderFest is also a great opportunity to extend and deepen your network, LeaderFest is focused on Leadership Development not Business Development. Whilst revenues are critical to all businesses and therefore to all business leaders this is not an event with business development as it’s purpose. Not least because attendees typically employ others to generate leads.

The culture of the event is therefore one of developing mutual respect and trust between senior people and whilst members do trade and refer each other as a natural by product of their trusting relationship, such opportunities are the consequence of, not the purpose of, a relationship built through MD2MD and LeaderFest.

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Location – The Charterhouse EC1

The Charterhouse London EC1 is conveniently located between Farringdon and Barbican stations

This years LeaderFest will take place on Wed 13th May 2020 at the amazing Charterhouse London, a location readily accessible halfway between the Barbican and Farringdon stations.

Dating back to the 14th Century, The London Charterhouse, was originally constructed as a Carthusian priory on the site of a burial ground.  At the Dissolution of the Monasteries it became one of the greatest palaces of Tudor London and was the temporary home of both  Elizabeth I and James I as they took the throne of England.

The value of LeaderFest for a business leader

Watch business leaders explain the value of LeaderFest

… and read the comments they make about:

The value of attending this business leaders conference

  • This was an effective use of my times and would attend future events given the opportunity
  • Very interesting, really inspiring for me to make change and do it
  • Useful tips and thoughts
  • Good combination of practical stuff and thought provoking stuff
  • Very stimulating and interesting
  • Great event, inspiring, looking forward to getting back to formulate a strategy for implementing it
  • Really enjoyed it and got some good tips too
  • Thought provoking
  • Interesting and thought provoking
  • Good investment of my time
  • Great event, good variety of speakers and some challenging “take homes”
  • Enjoyable good discussion and useful contacts. Well done!

The content

  • Lively and interactive format
  • Other delegates were exactly what you’d expect from the event (i.e leaders)
  • Loved hearing common themes, challenges and opportunities
  • Really inspiring to hear a variety of leaders from all walks of life
  • I like the interviews model
  • Excellent interviewers
  • Good variety of speakers and attendees
  • Some really great and varied speakers from different backgrounds sharing their experiences
  • Fantastic disruptive personalities all around
  • Good gathering. Friendly & helpful delegates
  • Good & useful. Gordon was the highlight
  • Good mix of: listening, exercises, networking, thinking
  • A diverse range of business leaders all with something useful to impart

The perspective of a first time attendee

  • Very well done and very interesting to an outsider. Felt very welcome!
  • First one that I’ve attended so unsure what to expect – took me a while to warm to it – however by lunchtime I was sparking with ideas to apply directly back into my business

The perspective of a member

  • The interview system worked well. Good to meet up with the other groups too
  • As ever well organised and Bob and the team have done themselves proud. It is nice to be part of this peer group organisation
  • Very interesting event with wide range of speakers. Great change from the normal monthly meetings. Enjoyed it!
  • I enjoyed the event overall and getting out of the office for the day is, as usual, surprisingly a good thing
  • to do for the mind, spirit and motivation. Batteries re-charged to go back in fighting!

The organisation and the venue

  • Well organised and excellent venue
  • Punctual and professional as usual!
  • Excellent. Great venue
  • Great team and another great event well done. Thanks for inviting me again
  • As always, a top professional organisation
  • The usual highly competent stuff. Thanks
  • Great!

Which leaders should attend

Managing Directors and other similar leaders

LeaderFest is for you if:

  • you are the leader of an organisation or team of ten or more people
  • your team is successful and you are ambitious to build upon that success
  • you realise that your skill as a leader is a major influence on the success of the team and are keen to develop your leadership
  • you value the experience of other successful leaders and are keen to learn alongside them
  • you want to meet with other like minded leaders, compare notes, develop opportunities and learn from each other as well as from the platform

​LeaderFest is for you because it:

  • is different from the many conferences, exhibitions and seminars aimed at inspiring leaders
  • builds upon the highly successful ‘leaders learning with and from leaders’ peer model of MD2MD
  • enables you to share real world experience with fellow leaders.
  • provides you with tips, tools, techniques and thoughts that will help you be the very best leader you can be

On stage in 2021

Mark Berrisford-Smith
HSBC Chief Economist

The HSBC Chief Economist will share some thoughts about where the economy is going and and debate them with the business leaders in the audience

Sarah Perry
Wright Hassall

As a disputes litigator passionate about first class service and as a rare female leader of a substantial law firm Sarah has some interesting insights into ‘how to get the job done’ as a leader.

Gordon Graylish
former VP Sales – Intel

With over twenty years global experience in Sales and Marketing with Intel, one of the world’s leading innovators, Gordon is well placed to share some thoughts on the culture and behaviours that enables leaders to sustain success.

Ben Pike
CEO MasterStart

Experienced leader and non executive that previously built from zero in 2010 the UK’s largest apprenticeships business developing over 25,000 apprentices and rated Outstanding by OFSTED

Cameron Rathwell
HSBC Corporate

Cameron, will share thoughts from his own experience of leadership as well as those he has seen successful leaders exhibit when completing large deals and working with their bank.

Bob Bradley

Bob Bradley

Herder of cats, Managing Director and interviewer of great leaders at LeaderFest, Bob will endeavour to draw out the best thoughts, tips and tools from the leaders interviewed as a Parkinson not Paxman style interviewer.